Single-Cycle Simplicity.
Dramatically Increased Throughput.

Get A STERIZONE® VP4 Information Packet with product literature, site specification guide, and instrument compatibility details.

The STERIZONE® VP4 low-temp sterilizer makes it simple to sterilize up to 75 pounds of mixed instruments in a single load.

Sterizone The STERIZONE® VP4 delivers features and capabilities unmatched for handling a high volume of mixed instrument loads using a single, intelligent cycle.

Get low-temp sterilization and high-performance benefits

  • Process 3X more instruments per load than any other low-temp H2O2 sterilizer
  • Use a single cycle for mixed instrument loads to sterilize general instruments, single channel flexible endoscopes, and single or double-channel rigid and semi-rigid scopes
  • Eliminate possible errors and guesswork with ONE pre-programmed cycle for every load—including mixed loads
  • Get the high lethality of dual sterilants: vaporized hydrogen peroxide and ozone
  • Save on sterilant—the STERIZONE® VP4 automatically adjusts the quantity of sterilant based on load composition

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